The Delectable Pounchkie & The Delightful Praline Marie

Beautiful sisters! It’s my pleasure to introduce Miss Pounchkie and Miss Praline Marie. Because there are two of them, and to make it easy on my heart, I’ve decided to tell you about each lady individually. It’s just better that way…

Name: Pounchkie

-Apparently she’s named after a Polish donut and quite frankly I believe it. She’s as delicious as warm pug pie.

Location: Chicago, IL

-Serving up sweetness all over the Windy City.

Adjectives: “PO may be little, but all 19 pounds of her is fearless… And its good thing she’s not a cat for she’s already spent 4 of her 9 lives… Cute, a lover not a fighter. Seldom far from her big sister, she’s currently a member in coffee anonymous given her fondness for trips to the local coffee chain drive in for free smells.”

-Sounds like my kind of lady pug. She looks like an adventurous kind of girl; ready for everything and anything. I bet she’s smart too. She had an older sister to show her all the tricks of being a fabulous pug. And something tells me with that fit figure she has no problem with the guys. 

Name: Praline Marie

-I’m starting to get a tooth ache from talking about all these delicious baked goods… I mean pugs.

Location: Chicago, IL

-I bet Praline knows some good parks or places to hang. Next time we’re in Chicago we will have to ask her.

Adjectives: ”Brains with a body built like Dolly Parton, a smile that she dares you not to smile back with, always ready to make you laugh and stop licking that!”

-Praline looks like she knows all. Sometimes I think our babies can read our minds. You know, when they tilt their head and give you those wide pug eyes? Makes your heart smile. Praline is 10 this year and I think you all will agree, girl looks good. She keeps up with little Sis and stays in shape. She’s just a lovely lady all around. 

Is it just me or are these two leaning into each other, smiling with their eyes, waiting for Mom to get the perfect shot? It’s as if they know they’re posing for a photo, which they do of course because pugs are brilliant and naturally photogenic. Mostly because they are all so gorgeous but also because they love having their picture taken. You can tell they make a great team. Makes me happy knowing these two babies found each other. They might not be from the same litter but they are from the same place: Pug Heaven. 

To Pounchkie & Praline’s family, the amount of puglove that glows throughout your home must be enchanting. What a lucky life you all have. Although something tells me you already know that… Pugs and kisses always.