It's a pug's world and we're all just living in it. Cause we're all a bunch of mother puggers.

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If I saw this pug struttin’ along, I would most definitely stop to inquire. Who is this fabulous creature? Well, now I know. This is Ziggy and he’s magical.

Name: Ziggy

-Obviously, he’s a Rock Star.Β 

Location: Salem, Massachusetts

-Spreading his pug magic all over the state.Β 

Adjectives: “Goofy and Caring. Ziggy is the love of my life. He makes me smile and laugh everyday.”

-I’m going to go ahead and rule out the possibility that this could be a wig, because it’s not. Clearly this dog was blessed with a full head of purple hair. And you know what? It’s not everyday you see a purple-haired pug. Until now I didn’t think they existed, much like a unicorn or a pegasus. This gives me hope.Β 

To Ziggy’s family, I’m jealous you have a magical pug. All pugs are special but not all pugs are magical and Ziggy is. His hair tells me so. Pugs and kisses always.Β 


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