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Now that is a pug face if I ever saw one. And look at those paws! Someone’s been having some fun. Let’s meet Someone. This is Jackson and he’s blooming up north in Kingston!

Name: Jackson

-I always liked this name, even for us humans. And I like Jack so two names in one.

Location: Kingston, Ontario

-I’ve been to Kingston! Played a hockey game there a few centuries ago. Lovely place!

Adjectives: “He loves to go for drives, wear sweaters, to drink our Tim Hortons when we’re not looking, to chase around our cats and curl up in his daddy’s lap when he sits on the floor and they play video games together! … Loves to snuggle, snore, hog the bed, and tug on our pant legs while we walk and listening to Piano Music!! He does not like the hair dryer, vacuum, broom or Swiffer!”

-The only thing you don’t know about Jackson is that he’s 5 months old. That being said, we all know that this is one pug prince. He definitely rules his kingdom but really, what pug doesn’t? I love a pug with personality too. My point earlier being that Jackson is still a puppy and I don’t know about you but my pug as a puppy was something else. Maybe it’s because the description reminds me of my pug Marlo. Who quite honestly was spoiled rotten and defectively disciplined so… that one’s on me. It’s hard enough to say no to a pug face but a pug puppy? My heart can’t be responsible for such a task. 

To Jackson’s Family, you and you’re baby are just beginning. So much puglove to be had; I’m excited for you. Pugs and kisses always.


Her sweater makes her a lady, her smile makes her a pug. Meet sweet lady Lola from Ontario.

Name: Miss Lola Pugface

-L-O-L-A lo-lo-lo-lo Lola. I always appreciate a full name too. 

Location: Ontario, Canada

-So much love for pugs up North. I’m starting to get jealous. Might be time for a pugventure.

Adjectives: ”Loyal – she never leaves my side or gets from under my feet! Gets up to mischief but gets away with everything because of that beautiful face!! Love,love,love her!!”

-Some pugs hate clothes, but Lola looks so happy. The sweater fits her perfectly; cute cut for her tiny pug waist. You know she feels good. Mischief or just puggin’ around – Lola wins. And it’s all because of you Mom. She loves, loves, loves you right back. 

To Lola’s family, she’s a treasure. A pug I’m glad we were able to meet. Pugs and kisses always. 


Canada loves their pugs. And here’s why. Meet the heroic Auggie from North of the border.

Name: Auggie

-Clearly short for Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. 

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

-Lots of land to pug around. 

Adjectives: “Handsome & Heroic. Self explanatory I’d say haha. He got his name from the movie “Role Models” where one of the main characters was named “Auggie”… he was a knight in shining armour in that movie and Auggie is most definitely my knight in shining armour!”

-And we couldn’t agree more. Look at him! Standing there in all his glory; shining puglight for all to see. This outfit is amazing so thank you Mom for finding Auggie this epic costume. At the end of the day, our pugs are protectors of our hearts and homes. They are all our heros. 

To Auggie’s family, thank you for reminding us how much we love our precious babies. He is wonderful and I’m glad the world can meet him. Pugs and kisses always. 


Well isn’t this just a dashingly handsome little pug. Meet Ollie, a black beauty from Canada.

Name: Ollie

-I’ve never met an Ollie and now I know why. The Pug Gods we’re waiting until our paths crossed and thank heavens they did.

Location: Montreal, QC

-Bonjour monsieur Ollie!!

Adjectives: ”Sophisticated & Determined… He’s a simple pug just lookin’ for hugs in all the right places. He knows what he wants and he’s not scared to ask for it. Also a big fan of pugstep music.”

-First and foremost, I love that he’s posing for this pic while admiring himself in the mirror. Generally pugs are their own biggest fans excluding their human counterparts. I also can’t help but the notice the mouth; I wonder if he knows his lip is tucked into his smile. Goodness you’re attractive Ollie. If I were a pug I would totally get weird with you and do all the things only pugs should do.

To Ollie’s family, he is a whole lot of pug and we adore him. Pugs and kisses always.