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Pugs are the best. I look at these pictures and I’m reminded as to why I so desperately hope to come back as one in my next lifetime. Maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself, but if I did, I’d be just like this pug here. Cassidee is her name and puggin’ is her game, and she’s holding it down out in sunny San Bernardino!

Name: Cassidee

-When I think of her name in my head I hear it with a southern accent. Like yee-haa type thing? Anyone else? Anyone? …Bueller?

Location: San Bernardino, CA

-Random fact: the first McDonald’s in the world was in San Bernardino. There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of Micky D fries and a perfectly carbonated fountain soda. The little things…

Adjectives: “This is Cassidee aka Pig. She’s the sweetest, laziest, squooshiest, funniest animal ever.”

-Just a little slip of the tongue there… which is perfect too because it’s a pugs personality to be sticking their tongues out at the world. Like, “Pug Off.” That’s why being a pug is so great! Not to mention none of us care that our babies are extremely lazy. Don’t get me wrong the energy is there when they want it to be but, when we accepted puglove into our lives all of us knew or should have known that our new pets weren’t quite the athletic type. I wasn’t exactly thinking my pug will love to play fetch for hours someday is what I’m saying. I’m okay with the majority of Marlo’s time being filled with eating, sleeping, and loving me. And it sounds like Miss Cassidee is doing just fine with her time. Her nickname is pig so I assume she eats plenty; she makes people laugh and soaks in all the love they have to offer. Like I said, the life.

To Cassidee’s Family, I’m sure you make her laugh just as much as she does you. Cassidee is a very sweet girl and I’m very happy to have met her. Pugs and kisses always.


We already know their older brother the Angelic Artie. Say hello to his younger sister Jet and brother Tank. Essentially this family is an army of pugs with serious pug power. Pugtastic.

Name: Jet (left) | Tank (right)

-So first there was Tank which, is a great name for a pug. Never met a dog named Tank so also very exciting.  And then there was Jet, which again, a great name for a pug. Combine these two together and like I said, the Pug Military. These are the type of armed forces I want to join; sign me up. 

Location: San Mateo, California

-One lucky town to have these pugs protecting them. 

Adjectives: “These two are Tank and Jet. They have the same parents but are from different litters. She (Jet) joined our little family, was timid and scared at first, but quickly took over and now runs the show. These two are joined at the hip. They play all day and snuggle all night. All three love going to the local parks here in San Mateo, Ca. and have recently discovered that they love the beach.”

-It’s always special when you hear about family members finding each other. It’s just another way the Pug Gods work their pug magic on our hearts. Regardless if they’re litter-mates, I think Tank and Jet know they are siblings. That’s why they’re so close. Also these three pugs (Artie, Jet, & Tank) have the life. Not only do they live large indoors but on the beach too! Pugs generally stay away from water but once they realize there is fun to be had, like most things, they go full on. For example, the initial response from a pug to snow is distrust and confusion. As soon as they start puggin’ around and catching snowflakes, it’s over. 

To Tank and Jet’s Family, we know you, we love you, and we thank you. You’re home is beaming with puglove and there is nothing better than that. Pugs and kisses always. 


If you don’t already know him…. meet the oldest pug in this squad , The Angelic Artie. And don’t forget to check out  The Myelin Project.

My heart is smiling because we have our very first submission. I am thrilled to introduce the lovely Emma. She’s a fabulous fawn from Cali. Thank you for not being selfish and sharing this precious baby girl with the rest of us.

Name: Emma

-Her face kind of screams Emma, no? Kudos.

Location: South Bay Area, CA

-We all know pugs love to catch rays.

Adjectives: ”Posh & Plucky! …Using my devastating good looks and winning personality to help worthy local charities :-)

-You go Girlfriend! Look at that dress… this pug looks good and she knows it. Pugalicious to the nines. Makes me want to dance kind of. God bless this beautiful creature. She’s gorgeous in every pug way possible.

To Emma’s family, she is truly a pugful of joy. Pugs and kisses always.