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Try and tell me you’re not making gushy sounds of awe. You can’t, because any human with a soul knows this is one beautiful baby. This picture brings me back. But before we go back let’s go forward, meet Chulo and he’s down south in Georgia.

Name: Chulo

-Definition: a very precious pug.

Location: Dallas, Georgia

-Peaches and pugs help keep life sweet!

Adjectives: ”He loves to eat, play, and sleep. (In that order) he is a loving, kind, smart dog and he loves to be cuddled.”

- Holy Cannoli… instantly I’m reminded of how I went from dog-x to a pug. Puppy Chulo is like a pugdrug and I’m dangerously addicted. To be honest, I had always wanted a bulldog. Just seemed like my kind of breed. And I had only met a couple pugs prior to meeting my little miracle Marlo. But from the moment I saw him, his face, that pug puppy puss, I was but a helpless moth to his beaming rays of puglove. I held him in my arms, a piece of my heart ignited, and I knew he was the one for me. There’s something about a baby pug that makes us humans go crazy. I would be lying if I said the level of cuteness had nothing to do with me becoming the proud pug owner I am today. It had everything to do with it.

To Chulo’s Family, thank you for reminding me of that most special moment in time. We were all blessed the day we met our pugs; we are the lucky ones. Pugs and kisses always.


We already know their older brother the Angelic Artie. Say hello to his younger sister Jet and brother Tank. Essentially this family is an army of pugs with serious pug power. Pugtastic.

Name: Jet (left) | Tank (right)

-So first there was Tank which, is a great name for a pug. Never met a dog named Tank so also very exciting.  And then there was Jet, which again, a great name for a pug. Combine these two together and like I said, the Pug Military. These are the type of armed forces I want to join; sign me up. 

Location: San Mateo, California

-One lucky town to have these pugs protecting them. 

Adjectives: “These two are Tank and Jet. They have the same parents but are from different litters. She (Jet) joined our little family, was timid and scared at first, but quickly took over and now runs the show. These two are joined at the hip. They play all day and snuggle all night. All three love going to the local parks here in San Mateo, Ca. and have recently discovered that they love the beach.”

-It’s always special when you hear about family members finding each other. It’s just another way the Pug Gods work their pug magic on our hearts. Regardless if they’re litter-mates, I think Tank and Jet know they are siblings. That’s why they’re so close. Also these three pugs (Artie, Jet, & Tank) have the life. Not only do they live large indoors but on the beach too! Pugs generally stay away from water but once they realize there is fun to be had, like most things, they go full on. For example, the initial response from a pug to snow is distrust and confusion. As soon as they start puggin’ around and catching snowflakes, it’s over. 

To Tank and Jet’s Family, we know you, we love you, and we thank you. You’re home is beaming with puglove and there is nothing better than that. Pugs and kisses always. 


If you don’t already know him…. meet the oldest pug in this squad , The Angelic Artie. And don’t forget to check out  The Myelin Project.

I say angelic because he is. The story of Artie brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. He is a guardian Angel sent from Pug Heaven and here’s why.

Name: Artie

-Assuming his full name is Arthur, one of the meanings of Arthur is said to be rock. Makes sense too because Artie is the rock of his family.

Location: San Mateo, California

-Right outside of San Fran, pawesome. 

Adjectives: “My wife lives with M.S. and has good and bad days…His entire existence seems to be to take care of her and he literally never leaves her side. He won’t play, eat, relax, or sleep unless she tells him she’s ok and that he doesn’t have to “work” he is totally focused on her, couldn’t be bothered by his little brother and sister’s antics, regulates the hell out of them when they get out of hand, and has the most amazing bond with my wife.”

-Talk about pulling on my heartstrings. Artie has helped his family through the roughest of times and continues to be the best pug he can be to his Mom. All dogs stay strong for us humans when we can’t. The intuition they have is something quite mystical. Always knowing what we’re thinking, they know before we do. Our babies do the best they can to take care of us, pugs especially. Pugs are healing dogs you see. I have always been told this and I know it is true. They heal our soul. They are our guardian angels. 

To Artie’s Family, this is a very special post. We all know dogs are incredible, but when you hear about them in action it always hits your heart. Artie has touched all of us. Lots of love to you and your family. Pugs and kisses always. 


Please check out The Myelin Project. They are an amazing foundation!!